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Hair extensions – a well-known beauty tool for many people in some recent years. Applying extensions is a great way to make your hair thicker, longer and more attractive. You can experience many different and unique hairstyles with the help of hair extensions.

In hair extensions field, you may usually meet some terms like remy hair, non-remy hair and so on. However, do you really understand each kind of hair? Each kind has different characteristics, quality and price. In this post, we will give you some information about these two kinds of hair extensions. Hope that this information will help you make a right decision to choose your appropriate hair extensions.

Remy hair

At first, we would like to tell about remy hair. This term appears very frequently in area of hair extensions. You can find it in many advertisements promoting you to buy their hair products.

So, what is remy hair? In fact, remy hair is natural hair collected from many sources, the hair is 100% pure and healthy. About remy hair, all the cuticles are intact, the root and tip are in the same direction. Due to this feature, it will be smooth and not be tangled. If you are looking for remy hair extensions, you can buy them from many reliable brands in Vietnam and it is highly recommended to choose Elsahair which has had 15 years of experience in hair industry and is one of the Vietnamese enterprises that are on top in the international market.

Non-remy hair

It is common knowledge that non-remy hair is much cheaper than remy one. However, have you ever wondered why it is?

You have known about remy hair and now we move on to what non-remy hair is. It is hair whose root and tip are not in the same direction because it is collected from the floor of many hair salons and random suppliers. This leads to the fact that its roots are not aligned and be easily tangled. Therefore, it is very hard to deal with non-remy hair. Because this hair must be processed complexly, the cuticles will not be intact and result to dry hair with low moisture. That is why non-remy hair is cheaper than others.

You should consider carefully before your choice because despite having the preferential price, non-remy hair has many problems. It may be damaged after just a short time of using. On the other hand, we make sure that you will have high-quality products with Elsahair’s remy hair extensions. They can be reused and restyled in a long period if they are in good maintenance.

Because Elsa’s remy hair is completely natural human hair coming from donors in Vietnam, the quality is highly ensured. We commit to supply the best quality hair products, especially remy hair – 100% no chemicals, no dyed, no colored.

Above are some differences between remy hair and non-remy hair. It is necessary that you should consider carefully. Be smart to choose the best hair extensions for you.

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