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Washing Your Hair Extensions

There are only so many times you can put off washing them until they become the birthplace of unwanted bacteria and mass amounts of product build-up. However, there is a simple solution. Fear not, Elsa is here to clear up a few things when it comes to washing and styling your hair extensions.


Get ya bowls out and taps running, it’s time to get down to business.

How to wash your hair extensions:
Top tip: Give those extensions one last comb before you submerge them in water, ensuring the clips are properly closed. Tie them together with an elastic band to ensure that the extensions don’t get matted or lost within the water.

Step 1: Use lukewarm water to wash the extensions and prevent any damage being caused. For those who like to style their hair, opt for a clarifying shampoo to dissolve away any excess build-up of product.

Step 2: Pour the shampoo into lukewarm water, swirling them together to create a milky, dreamy mixture.


Step 3: Next, immerse the hair extensions in the mix, swishing it around before massaging any excess shampoo from the roots to the tips. This should result in a creamy lather that rinses out easily. Once done, gently ring out the extensions in a downwards motion.

Step 4: Using a separate bowl of clean, cooler water, rinse out the hair extensions.


Step 5: Still with us? We’re more than halfway through! Next Apply a generous amount of your favourite conditioner or hair treatment to the mid-lengths of the hair before massaging through to coat each and every strand. Julia’s choice of treatment is the Balmain Moisturising Conditioner.


Step 6: Allow the conditioner to sit for two to three minutes, giving it enough time to absorb into the follicles. For a deeper treatment allow the conditioner to settle in overnight.

Step 7: After the selected amount of time, rinse thoroughly to ensure the hair extensions aren’t left feeling greasy or waxy. When washing out the extensions, always remember to pull the hair shaft down to avoid matting.

Step 8: Place the set of hair extensions in a towel and blot dry. Dry as usual with a hairdryer or leave to air-dry overnight. Pretty easy, right?!


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