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These 5 Hair Braids Styles Are Trending in 2020

If you’re feeling bored with your old hairstyle and want to change it, try ELSA’s hair suggested hairstyles below. The hair braids styles are not only especially suitable for you with long hair, but even those with short hair can apply it.

5 Hair Braids Styles Ideas To Try in 2020

1. Crown-style braided hair

Crown braided hair is a hairstyle around the head like you are wearing a crown. It is especially suitable for holidays, night parties, weddings, even for brides, etc. Certainly, with this hairstyle, you will look really beautiful, gentle and extremely attractive.

2. Little braided hairstyle

Actually, this is the fishbone hair braids styles, because it is plaited from 2 curls of the two sides, only 2 curls, not 3 curls like Thai fish bone braided hair.
Besides, when doing this hair sample, the girls noticed the curls of the small sections, not the big curls like Thai braided hair.

3.Plaited hair from the top of the head
The braided hair is popular with many blonde haired women because of its feminine and sweet features. This hair braids style is perfect for long and thick hair. However, shoulder-length short hair is not suitable for this type.

4. Braided BangsBraided hair on both sides
In 2020, if you want to “transform” you look both youthful and energetic, you should never ignore the style of braiding your hair on both sides. This is one of the hair braids styles which easily helps you “hack” your current age.

5. Braided Bangs
With this braided hairstyle, you start using the hair from the top of your head to the bottom, then choose to drop the hair into your hair or tie it all up!

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