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Keratin Glue Beads For Hair Extension Bonding

Talking about hair extensions’ adhesives, there are different types to choose from, such as glue, tape, keratin, etc. Depending on each individual and her own experience, people can opt for the best wig adhesives. As a human hair extension vendor in the market, here Elsa Hair has some information about keratin glue to help you make the right choice. Scan through our words below to see it clearly.

What is keratin grain made of? Often, it is made of keratin protein. Manufacturers will prepare the adhesive from keratin (hor hoof, hair, feathers, etc.) with steam at high pressure for hours.

Keratin glue granules offer a super-strong bond and long-lasting. In the market, the item is available in different colors, such as white/clear, black, and amber. Each bead is designed for small clumps of hair. You should use the hair extensions iron tool or heat pliers to apply keratin glue to the system.

Why To Choose Keratin Glue Sticks For Hair Extensions
– About the quality, it is on the top. Instead of buying cheap adhesives, this keratin bead is worth to buy as it could stick the hair system slavishly and stay firmly for a long time. No need to worry that the bonding will disintegrate when you shampoo your hair or go swimming. It sticks very well.

– The glue is transparent. It means that you can use it to glue any colors of hair extension without being detected.

– Keratin glue is easy to apply. Use heat pliers or gun to melt keratin grains and put the hair clump on it. In addition, you can use a melting pot instead of other heat tools.

– Safe to wear: As I stated, this item is good for both your natural locks and hair extensions. Thanks to its high quality, it blends and works well on your head without damaging or causing bad effects.

– Use a remover like acetone to remove keratin quickly. It leaves no residue or keratin traces.

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