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How To Take Care Of Blonde Hair Extensions?

Do you love long and blonde hair of princesses in Disney cartoons? It might be a dream of many girls. But not all women are lucky to have hair that is strong enough to get blonde color. That is the reason why they choose blonde human hair extensions, which is a safe and quick method. But, if you don’t give these extensions proper care, they are prone to be damaged. Therefore, I would like to show you some hair care tips to keep blonde hair extensions gorgeous for a long time.

Hair Care Tips for Blonde Human Hair Extensions
Conditioning Your Hair

To make sure that the blonde extensions are moisturized, conditioning is necessary. Invest in a good conditioner! You can use a color safe but sulfate free one to moisturize your blonde human hair extensions. Condition the hair about 3-4 times a week, which helps to maintain the moisture for your extensions.

Avoiding Dry Shampoos
It is important to remember that types of dry shampoos are always harmful. They cannot protect as well as properly clean your human hair extensions. These shampoos even cause unwanted damage to your extensions because it works as the same chemical that strip your hair of natural oils and moisture as well. So what should you do? Choose color safe and sulfate free shampoos!

Investing in a Good Hair Serum or Oil
Oils and serums can lengthen the durability of your blonde extensions effectively. So, there is no reason for you to refuse such an easy hair care treatment.

    Protect Your Extensions From Sun And Heat Damage
    Beside, too much heat can also be harmful to your blonde hair extensions and even make them fry permanently. So, limit using hot tools for styling. In addition, using a heat protectant before heat styling can help.

    Avoiding Chlorine
    Chlorine is known as the chemical that is most often used to keep swimming pools free from bacteria. The pools are really an ideal place for us to relax in summer days. But, this chemical element can be harm your human extensions, especially for blonde ones.

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