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How to Dye Your Hair Extensions

 01. Not a fan of the color? Make a change!

It might be really aggravating if your clip-in human hair extensions arrive in the wrong hue for you. This, however, does not have to be an issue for the crafty or anyone looking to save money. In fact, you may colour them to any color you choose, just like regular human hair. It’s a simple at-home technique as long as you’re making your extensions darker or changing the tone (for example, making them warmer or more ashy).

A word of warning, though: if you want to lighten or enhance your human-hair extensions, get professional assistance chevalier. You can try it, but it’s a trickier, more complicated operation that, if done incorrectly, can damage your already pricey purchase.

Double- and triple-check that your hair extensions are genuine human hair before you begin. Artificial hair cannot be successfully dyed in this manner.


 02. Select a color and gather your materials

Choose a hair color and developer from a professional line. A drugstore boxed color won’t let you pick the developer you want to use on your hair extensions, which is exactly what you want. It’s preferable to use a 10-volume developer or a demi-permanent color. If necessary, a 20-volume developer can be used, however 30- and 40-volume developers should be avoided because they can harm your hair extensions if not used properly.

 03. Organize and Color-Coordinate Your Workspace

Set up your items on a large counter or table with lots of area to work comfortably if at all possible. The space should be comfortable and well-lit. To prevent the color from staining your workspace, spread sheets of tin foil across it.

Prepare your color according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The majority of colors are created by combining equal amounts color and developer. For your extensions, you’ll need between 3–5 ounces of prepared color, but depending on the length, you may require more. You don’t need to wash them before coloring, but you should comb them to remove tangles. After that, put them out on the tin foil to dry.


04. Use the Color

Completely saturate each area of your hair extensions with the color solution using gloved hands and a color brush. Make sure the color is evenly distributed on both sides of your extensions, from top to bottom. There’s no room for error here, and using too much color is preferable to using too little. Begin at the top (where the clips are) and work your way down to the ends, following the natural fall of the hair. Applying the color upwards may cause damage to your extensions, as well as make them frizzy and unkempt.

05. Color Processing

After applying color to each region of your extensions, cover them loosely with plastic wrap to prevent the color from drying out before it has a chance to sink in. Allow the color to process at room temperature for the time provided on the manufacturer’s instructions, which is usually between 20 and 40 minutes.

During the processing time, check a tiny piece of the hair extensions by gently rubbing the color off with a paper towel every five to ten minutes. After inspecting, reapply the color with your color brush, and keep in mind that wet hair appears darker than dried hair. It’s time to rinse out the hair once the processing is finished and the color of your extensions is entirely suitable (don’t rush it). Fold your tin foil in half to make transporting it to a sink easier.


06. Rinse

Rinse the color out of your extensions using cool (not cold) water at low pressure, carefully working the excess dye out with your fingertips. It’s critical that the water flows in the direction in which the hair normally falls. A thorough rinsing should take 15–20 minutes at the very least. If you’re not sure if you’ve removed all of the color, keep rinsing. After that, use a moderate, sulfate-free, moisturizing, or color-safe shampoo to shampoo your extensions. You don’t want the extensions to become dull before you can use them !

07. Allow to dry after combing

Place a cloth on your workspace after you’ve made sure your extensions are properly rinsed. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb each portion of your extensions with a leave-in conditioner. Finally, air-dry the extensions completely (do not use a blow dryer) before using or styling them, especially if you plan to use heat tools.



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