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How should tape be applied to hair extensions?

Tapes in hair extensions are a good option to fashion because of their comfort, quickness, and cleanliness in application. They are made out of hair strands attached to a thin tape using glue. Simply remove the protective paper from the extension and apply it to your hair. Also, because the hair blends in with your own, no one will notice you’re wearing them, but do you know how to effectively apply tape in hair extensions?

Because they are quite simple to place, you can do it yourself. They don’t require any special heat tools, so you can apply them yourself at home without the help of a stylist. We’ll show you how to apply tape to hair extensions step by step below:

1. Make a slit across your scalp to put hair extensions using tape.

Make a horizontal section about an inch from the nape of your neck with your finger or a comb. The tape will be applied on hair extensions around the part line. Your higher hair will disguise the clips this way.

2. To apply tape in hair extensions, section off the top hair.

To secure all of the hair above the part line, use a hair tie or hair clips. Simply ensure that it is absolutely secure. While attaching your extensions, you don’t want any hair to tumble down and get in the way.

3. Take a little section of hair from the non-clipped area.

The goal is to sandwich a tiny strand of hair between top and bottom extensions below your part line. The hair strand you’re sandwiching should be very thin, perhaps 18 inches long (0.32 cm). This allows the adhesive tape on both extensions to adhere to each other while passing through the hair. Take a strand of hair about the length of one extension from the hair below your part line. Make sure your hair is thin enough that you can feel your fingers through it.

4. Measure the area where hair extensions will be applied with tape.

Use a cotton tape measurer to measure the portion of hair you parted before attaching the extension. This will allow you to calculate how many tape in hair extensions you’ll need for that portion of hair. Repeat for each section.

5. Applying the bottom tape in hair extensions beneath the thin part

Take a strand of hair and gently lift it up. Remove the adhesive-covering strip from the bottom extension. Under the tiny strand of hair you’re lifting, press on the bottom extension.

6. Tape the top of the hair extensions in place.

Take the top hair extension tape. Press on top of your strand of hair after removing the adhesive tape covering that extension. Both the top and bottom extensions should be connected. Then, using pliers, press them together for a few seconds to secure them.

  • You utilized too much hair in your strand if the extensions aren’t attaching. Brush some hair away from the bottom extension.

7. Apply the tape to the hair extensions again.

Repeat this step throughout your side part until all of the extensions are in place. The quantity of extensions you use will be determined by the size of your head. Depending on how voluminous you want your hairstyle to be, you’ll probably use 5 or more rows of hair extensions.

  • If you’re going to add extensions to the sides of your head, leave 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair out horizontally closest to the ear before continuing with the extensions.
  • If you have a thin hairline, leave around 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair out across your entire hairline before applying extensions to ensure that your hair has adequate depth to hide the tape-ins.

8. Regularly brush your tape-in hair extensions

Tangling is a problem with extensions. Brush your hair at least twice a day while your extensions are in place to keep it appearing fresh and natural.

  • When you’re using extensions, keep in mind that hair care may take longer.
  • Human hair extensions are less likely to tangle than synthetic extensions.



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