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How Many Hair Extensions Do You Need For A Full Head?

When talking about hair extensions, the most common question is how many hair extensions in need for a full head of hair extensions. Generally speaking, there are many factors that contribute to a decision regarding how many extensions you will need. If you are not a hairdresser or hair extensionist, who works in the hair industry, you should look for professional advice regarding how much hair they think you will need. They are trained and qualified to give you useful advice based on your requirements. However, if you are not able to do this, take into these following consideration.

Hair Thickness
The first factor of the number of hair extensions you will require is the thickness of your natural hair. The thicker your hair is, the less hair extensions you will need. For example, if your hair is average, neither thin nor thick, you will need about 8 packs to apply. However, if you have thick hair, you will need more than 6-7 packs to achieve a full head. On the contrary, if you have thin to medium hair, you may be able to fit only 8 packs of hair extensions. Hair Thickness Size Of Your Head Do you believe that the size of your head also decide the number of hair you require for a full head of hair extensions. If you have an average head size, 8 packs are enough for a full head fitting. However, if you have a large head, you will need to purchase additional hair, typically about 10 packs in total. Also, if you have a small head, you will need less hair to cover your head than someone with an average to large size head.

Size Of Your Head
Your Existing Haircut Different hairstyles may have an effect on the amount of hair for completing a full head. This only applies to women who has very short or very blunt haircuts like an angled bob. If you are in one of these categories, you may need more hair to hide your current haircut. We recommend to use about 10 packs to achieve this.

Your Existing Haircut
Your Desired Finished Look The final factor you should take into consideration is the overall look that you are trying to achieve with your hair extensions. If you want to get a full and natural finish, 8 packs of hair will be more than enough to achieve this. But, if you have Kim Kardashian hair in your sights, you’ll need more hair extensions. Based on the factors above, you will need to decide which one applies to you to determine how much hair you will need to create a natural look.

Your Desired Finished Look What’s More?
If you worry that your real hair is thick, you have a large head and a blunt haircut, purchasing more than 8 packs to ensure that you have enough hair to complete your look. If you find yourself to be pretty average basing on most of the above factors, 8 packs of hair will be enough. In case that you feel that you would fall mainly below average, you may be more suitable to a half head of hair extensions than a full head. In conclusion, on top of the considerations that need to be taken into when purchasing a full head, you will also need to consider a number of aspects if you opt for a half head of hair extensions.

After reading this article, you are be able to make an final decision regarding how much hair you will need to achieve your dreaming look with hair extensions. If you are still not sure how much hair you will need, please comment below this article.
Thanks so much for your reading!

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