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Hair Extensions in 6 Different Ways

When you think about hair extensions, you might think of garish mall kiosk extensions that don’t seem real, or multi-colored wefts like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera wore in the 1990s and 2000s. Hair extensions, on the other hand, have come a long way in terms of quality and accessibility.

While high-quality human hair extensions were once only available to the wealthy, firms like BaniHair have brought the salon experience to your home, with almost every celebrity using hair additions for added length and volume. Clip-in hair extensions are by far the simplest and quickest way to achieve celebrity hair without the damage that other, more permanent hair extensions may inflict. Remy human hair extensions are the best hair extensions because they look and feel absolutely natural, fitting in perfectly and smoothly with your natural hair.

Are you thinking about getting hair extensions but aren’t sure if it’s worth it? Are you unsure what you can accomplish with them to begin with? Although most women buy hair extensions to rapidly lengthen their hair, there are numerous more benefits that make the investment worthwhile.

This post is for you if you want to learn more about hair extensions and the benefits they provide. Continue reading to find out how to utilize hair extensions at home in six different ways.

1. To give your ponytail or untidy bun more volume

Is there anything more depressing than a droopy ponytail? Have you accepted the fact that your ponytail will never have the bounce and lift you envisioned? Clip in hair extensions are perfect for adding extra volume and body to your ponytails or messy buns if you want to add more volume and body to your ponytail. A longer, thicker ponytail is always in style, whether it’s an Ariana Grande -like high ponytail, an elegant low ponytail, or even a playful braided ponytail. You don’t need an extra false ponytail extension to turn your ponytail into a perky, bouncy ‘do with just a few wefts. If a volumized messy bun is more your style, simply twist your new, thicker ponytail on itself, attach with bobby pins, and enjoy.

2. To increase the volume

Do you wish you could turn your fine hair into thick, luscious locks? Hair extensions give your hair body and dimension, making your desire a reality! Aside from getting longer hair, one of our favorite uses for hair extensions is to increase volume and thickness. Simply stack two wefts on top of each other to make a giant weft for even more volume, or add a Volumizer Weft to your existing set to increase thickness.

You don’t want to go any further? No worries! Choose a lower 16″ length or take your extensions to your hairstylist and have them cut the set to match the length of your natural hair. If you want to do the chop yourself, follow these steps for adding volume with hair extensions.

3. To make braids that are longer and thicker

Have you ever wished for those Pinterest-perfect thick, long, and fluffy braids? We’re going to tell you a little secret about how to get long, thick braids that would make any Disney princess jealous. Hair extensions are the ideal way to turn a thin, short braid into a lengthy braid with tons of volume. Simply clip a few wefts in strategically across your head before braiding your hair, and you’ll have a gorgeous extra-thick braid in no time. Hair extensions are perfect for creating larger-than-life braids, whether it’s a conventional 3-strand braid, a Dutch braid, or even a bridal braid. To understand how to get longer, thicker braids in an instant, click the link below.

4. To add color and accents

Want to play around with hair color but aren’t ready to commit to a permanent change? Have you always wanted ombre or balayage but are afraid about bleaching or damaging your hair ? Hair extensions are an excellent choice. You can change your hair color in just a few minutes at home without going to the salon, from adding an edgy ombre flash of color to the bottom portion of your hair to subtle, sunkissed balayage highlights! Another possibility? Include a Volumizer For peekaboo, barely visible highlights, weft in a shade lighter than your natural hair color. The color possibilities are unlimited, and all it takes is a few minutes and a few wefts to completely change your locks.

5. Accessorizing

Use your hair extensions to express yourself! Have you ever tried wrapping a section of your ponytail around a hair elastic only to have it slip out after a few minutes ? Consider attempting to make a braided crown that takes hours to perfect. Use hair extensions instead of your real hair to create these elaborate hairstyles .

To finish your ponytail, clip a separate 1-clip weft underneath your ponytail and wrap the hair around it for a sleek look that will last all day. Don’t know how to make a braided crown for your next must – attend festival ? Take a 3-clip weft and braid the hair separately before securing it to your hair. You can even make faux bangs with a weft – the options are unlimited !

6. To lengthen

Our favorite technique to utilize hair extensions is to rapidly achieve long, mermaid-length hair. Do you wish you had longer hair now that you’ve chopped it off? Perhaps you believe you won’t be able to grow your hair past a particular point. We understand the hardship of wanting longer hair but your natural hair isn’t cooperating, whether it’s due to post-partum hair loss, genetics, or any other reason. Whatever the situation may be, clip-in hair extensions are an easy way to have the long hair you’ve always wanted. Clip-in hair extensions may be applied in a matter of minutes at home and fashioned to match your natural hair, whether it’s straight, curly, or wavy.

Did you find these hair extension ideas helpful? Have you tried any of these ideas with your hair extensions? Let us know in the comments section below. Please let us know what you think; we enjoy hearing from you!


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