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Difference Between Virgin Human Hair & Remy Hair Extensions

Difference Between Virgin Human Hair & Remy Hair Extensions
To remove any doubts and provide you with a better understanding of both Virgin and Remy extensions. Both are quite similar and have almost the same quality, but there are some key differences you should be aware. We will also discuss the main advantages and disadvantages of both which might help you choose between the two.

1. What Are Virgin Hair Extensions?

As we have revealed the virgin hair extensions disadvantages earlier, the biggest advantage of virgin hair is that the hair was never processed. Some women love purity.
More often, virgin hair tends to be softer than regular Remy hair. ElsaHair Remy products are as soft as virgin hair due to a special formula.
Since virgin hair comes from a single donor, all strands will look identical and be of the same quality.
Because manufactures do not process virgin hair, these extensions tend to last longer than other hair types.
Virgin extension will usually blend better if color matches.

2. What Are Remy Human Hair Extensions?

Remy hair is high quality, 100% human hair so it’s going to last you a long time. If you properly take care of extensions, they will last, and it will still look fresh months later. However, it does require some care, just like the 100% virgin hair so make sure you follow the guidelines that come with the package.

You can professionally dye high-quality Remy hair if you choose to. If you want your hair extensions to last for months, have a choice of various colors and not see them tangle or mat, Remy hair is the way to go. It has a natural look and feel, and it’s the best type of hair you can buy after virgin hair.

And here you have it. If you are interested in weaves, see our virgin hair extensions page and for everyone else, see our Remy hair extensions page. Due to a popular demand, we have extended our hair extensions stock and now carry 200+ new hair extension models, including virgin hair! And for a limited time only, we have slashed hair prices by 50%.

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