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Are you stuck at home and need to remove your hair extensions? Follow This Simple Instructions

Most of us would like to go to the salon first when we need a trim, recolor, or any other beauty maintenance service, but finding a hair appointment isn’t always easy. It’s not really a choice; we’ll have to make due with what we’ve got and put our DIY talents to the test at home. Thanks to a few helpful pointers from our favorite hairdressers, we’ve almost mastered trimming our own hair, but other services like hair extension removal proved to be the worst. a little more difficult.

If you’re seeking for a safe approach to remove extensions at home, you only need a few simple items that you probably already have: olive oil, sheet paper, rubbing alcohol, and a comb. For easy step-by-step instructions, continue reading.

Step 1: Stop pulling your hair.



The tutorial concentrates on tape extensions, which are thin clip-on extensions held in place by glue between small portions of hair. They last for six to eight weeks and can be removed by soaking the top and bottom of the “sandwich” in alcohol and then pulling back on the centre of the tape to create a gap. It’s crucial to remember not to pull the tape from side to side or apply too much force to avoid pulling out or harming your hair.

Step 2: Organize Your Materials



Once you’ve removed the tape, put them on a sheet of paper to keep them tidy. This is especially useful for folks who want to reuse their extensions; by sticking them to a sheet of paper, you can help your stylist remember where to place them after they’re reapplied.

Step 3: Remove the Adhesive



After you’ve removed your extensions, use your olive oil to remove any remaining adhesive from your hair. You can also remove any accumulation with a fine-tooth comb before washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo.

Step 4: Make a backup of your extensions for future usage.

When you’re through, store the sheet with all your removed hair in a gallon Ziploc bag until your next appointment with your hairdresser.




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