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Also known before as “machine weft” are products which have been sewn together in a braided form. It can be purchased from most beauty supply stores and there are a lot of modern versions of this type of hair extensions such as micro bead weft or tape skin weft. You can either use synthetic fibre or 100% human hair. You may go to a salon or a professional hairdresser to apply your hair extensions. How about read and learn these simple steps on how to apply weft hair extensions on yourself.

Step 1 Measure

At the back of your head, create a horizontal part across of it from the nape of your neck about 2 to 3 inches long. You can clip the rest of your hair. Measure that part then cut a weft little bit smaller of the measurement of that part.

Step 2 Glue

You will need a glue to apply at the top of the weft. Apply it on the rough side of the band. You can use Latex extension glue.

Step 3 Press

On the glue-side of the weft, press along the part with about ¼ inch from the roots and then you can press your fingers all along to the weft. Hold for about 30 seconds for the glue to dry.

Step 4 Unclip

Unclip your hair and then create another horizontal part with about ½ inch above the first part.

Step 5 Repeat

Repeat step 2 to 4 until you reach the crown of your head (top of the head).

Step 6 Finish

On both sides of the ear, create horizontal part about ½ inch and cut weft a little bit smaller than the horizontal part. Repeat the process until it reaches your temple (side of the head behind the eyes).

With the modern version of this type of extensions, some use tape extensions, skin hair extensions or come with pre-glued extensions which are fast to apply and an alternative to using glue.

It’s very interesting that weft hair extensions are just smaller extensions sewn together and is easy to put on your hair.

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